Luxurious Trips

Just Energy has spent millions of dollars in ensuring we provide our Energy Advisors the experience of a lifetime. We celebrate the achievements of those who represent Just Energy. Two times a year, we send hundreds of our best and brightest on international trips to world-renowned travel destinations! How do you get there?...Sell, Sell, Sell! Past destinations have included:

  • Rome, Hawaii, Ireland, Dominican Republic, London and Australia – Just Energy’s Annual Awards Gala
  • Barcelona, Portugal, Scotland, Fiji, Brazil and Iceland
  • Egypt – A historical desert paradise
  • Los Cabos, Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta – All-inclusive beach getaways like no other
  • Carnival Cruise – In a different country, every day

Just Energy’s Annual Gala Awards (Recognition Awards)

Just Energy believes in recognizing individuals for their hard work and accomplishments. As such, once a year we recognize the best of the best here at Just Energy by hosting an Awards Gala, a visually stunning event hosted in some of the most beautiful places around the world. These Galas provide you with the opportunity to connect with other successful members of our sales and leadership team learn from their experiences.