Just Energy provides natural gas, electricity and green energy product options to residential and commercial customers across North America.

Everyone knows that electricity and natural gas are essential commodities that we use every day when we cook, watch TV, surf the web, light, heat and cool our homes.

What many people are not aware of is that they have the right to choose their electricity and/or natural gas provider.

We help our customers understand the benefits of choosing their energy supplier and provide them with the ability to take control of their natural gas and electricity supply costs with our innovative supply plans.

Just Energy offers simple energy solutions. Our products are simple to understand, simple for our customers to buy and simple for our representatives to sell.

Just Energy is one of the largest retailers of renewable energy credits and carbon offsets in North America.

By consuming energy in our homes, we all contribute to the release of greenhouse gases. These gases have been linked to negative environmental impacts, including air pollution and global warming.

Through purchases of renewable energy credits and carbon offsets, our green energy product options provide simple and affordable solutions for our consumers to significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with their everyday energy use.

Just Energy team members:

Make a difference in the lives of their friends and family throughout their communities.

Improve the air we breathe and reduce the damage that electricity and natural gas usage causes to the environment.

Make the world a cleaner and more sustainable place!

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